This artesian water begin its journey form the glaciers of Antartica, the most isolated place on earth, carried by Katabatic strong winds where they fell as rain and snow on the Southern Alps Mountains in the South Island of New Zealand. The water travels underground, in a natural filtration process, which enriches the water with the essential minerals in a process that takes more than 80 years. This water flows in to confined aquifers at varying rates according to the permeability levels of rock bodies inside. The groundwater thus confined in a high pressure state, rises to the surface of the aquifer when it is penetrated by a well. WAIREKA, is extracted and bottled in authentic quality and taste from a confined aquifer that is 239 feet (73 meter) deep in the Plains of Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand. We bring you one of the purest and finest mineral water that nature can produce and New Zealand can offer.


Waireka Beverages Limited works hard to ensure its international customers of the purity of its bottled mineral water by conducting regular water analysis at reputable New Zealand laboratories. WAIREKA is bottled at the source at the highest level of purity and quality control. We assure our customers that the water extracted from the aquifer is of high purity and fresh taste. This fresh taste is attributed to the water’s low mineral composition, the 0.2 micron filtration system, and the worldclass Ozonation process that enriches the water with oxygen. The Ozonation process guarantees that there will be no contamination during the rinsing, filling and the capping. WAIREKA has a shelf life of two years.


Chemical Composition mg/L
Calcium 22
Magnesium 3.8
Potassium 0.99
Sodium 13.8
Bicarbonate 106
Carbonate <1.0
Chloride 8.2
Fluoride 0.11
Nitrate 0.38
Sulphate 2.2
Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) 121
Total Hardness 71
pH 7.9

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Note – For Middle East consumers only
*In order for our product to be sold in the Middle East market, it has to be certified by any standardization authority in the region.

WAIREKA is certified and approved by Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority (ESMA).

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