New Zealand


New Zealand, also called Aotearoa by its natives, the Māori people, is considered as the world’s most environmentally conservative country. New Zealand is a land of breathtaking mountains, and a beautiful landscape of forests, glaciers, lakes and rivers surrounded by the mighty Pacific Ocean. It is also considered as one of the most environmentally conservative countries in the world, for applying strict international standards of environmental protection, to sustain its natural ecosystem. New Zealand is a treasure of resources, of clear water bodies and a diverse collection of animal species.

There are more than 1200 rivers and 3800 lakes, and abundant aquifers; these massive water bodies of clean and precious mineral water flow under about 70,500 km2 of the New Zealand landmass, supplying drinking water of excellent quality. The geographical location of New Zealand makes it the optimal source-point for Waireka Beverages Limited to extract its crystal-clear, premium mineral water.

Waireka Water Bottling  Limited
P.O. Box: 6001, Awapuni, Palmerstone North 4412, New Zealand

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